Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Running a Customized Report, showing detailed information about the Dell Servers

Ever wanted to have a detailed Report available showing information about all the servers based on Dell hardware? Like the IP address, Model of the server, Server OS type and version, OMSA version, BIOS version and so on? If so, keep on reading.

In order for this Report to run successfully, one needs to have the two basic Dell MPs (version 4.00 A00) imported and functional: Dell Base Hardware Library and Dell Windows Server (Scalable Edition).

Otherwise this procedure won’t work. Want to know more about the Dell MP? Go here.

How to create the Report:

  • Go to Reporting > Microsoft Generic Report Library > Custom Configuration report. Double click it.
  • The Report Parameter area will be displayed. Select for From: ‘Yesterday’. Click the Add Group button.
  • Type ‘Dell Monolithic Servers’ and hit the Search button. The Dell Monolithic Servers Group will be found. Click Add > OK.
  • For Report Fields select these fields:
    - Display Name
    - Additional OMSA url;s
    - AddOMSAURL2
    - BIOS Version
    - IP Address
    - Model
    - Server Administrator Console Launch
    - OMSA Version
    - Operating System
    - Operating System Version
    - Remote Access Console Launch
    - Remote Access IP with IPMI Capability
    - Service Tag
    (Beware: the list of Report Fields isn’t set in alphabetical order..)
  • Run the report:

This Report can be Published as well. As start date select an offset like –7 days. Give the Report a Logical Name AND a good explanation and publish it. This way this Report is always available and runs when double clicked, without the need to add/adjust any parameters.


John Bradshaw said...

I never! would have found this in a million years! Thankyou for showing me how....
John Bradshaw

Marnix Wolf said...

Thnx John. You're welcome. :)