Thursday, May 20, 2010

A new MP for network component monitoring for SCOM 2007 (SP1/R2)

OpsLogix, the company which creates and builds intelligent native MPs (so no connectors or other layers are needed) has recently released a new MP. This new MP monitors your network components, aka OpsLogix Intelligent Management Pack for Network Monitoring.

On it self not a shocking thing. I mean, there are already other MPs which do exactly that. However, certain things really make it stand out of the crowd:

  1. A new SNMP Module
    The SNMP Module shipped with SCOM SP1/R2 has some rough edges. It does not scale very well and might randomly fail. All other vendors who deliver MPs for network monitoring do use this module though. OpsLogix however introduces a NEW SNMP module which is way much better so the scaling issues and possible failures are gone.

  2. Native MP
    This MP does not need any additional layer like a connector. Just import the MP, add the devices and be done with it.

  3. Pricing & Licensing
    Other vendors ask a fee per monitored network device where also the complexity is accounted for. The more complex a monitored network device becomes, the more money has to be paid. When one has many network devices to be monitored by SCOM this will create a considerable price tag. For many customers of mine this has been the main reason  NOT to monitor too many network devices all to deeply. They only cover the most critical ones with a MP like that and monitor the rest with a simple ping, run from the OpsLogix Ping MP which is free.

    OpsLogix uses a total different approach. Their licensing model uses a device group basis which starts at a total of 50 devices. Afterwards device groups are added as needed, which consists out of 75 devices per group. The pricing of these group is totally independent of the vendor and model number of the monitored devices. This creates a very affordable price tag per device. When this MP is used to its fullest, it is even less than 10 euro’s per device! In another setup a customer of mine pays just 50 euro’s per monitored network device which is still a very affordable price tag.

  4. Coverage
    This MP covers a wide range of network components. OpsLogix uses the term ‘certified’ for it. The list is growing as we speak, or better as I blog :). This list is impressive.

    But suppose you have this particular device which is not certified at the moment. OpsLogix can certify it for you. And for a reasonable price. Of course, when you have this ‘beast’ of a network component which is very complex, the pricing will be different compared to a network device which is more straight forward. Just contact them and they will help you further.

Soon I will put this MP through its paces at a customers site. When allowed I will blog about it. I must say it looks very promising already. Can’t wait to test it!


Rikard Ronnkvist said...

Thinking about implementing some 3d pty solution for SNMP-monitoring.

But since OpsLogix is doing it native, how will that effect the OpsMgr licenses?

You need an lic for every Layer 3-product you monitor...

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Rikard.

I think you are right: you will need a license for monitoring network devices on that level, no matter what MP is being used here.