Monday, May 17, 2010

Opalis Integration Server 6.2.2. SP1 & Opalis Operator Console Installer Script download locations

Update 90-06-2010: This Posting contains non-working links. Check this posting for the ‘new’ download locations.

At these locations are the latest Opalis releases to be found:

Opalis Integration Server 6.2.2. SP1:
Operator Console Installer Script:

Many thanks to Marcus Oh who ‘sent’ me the links before I found them else where…


Marcus Oh said...

lol. dude when i was playing around with it, the download was ONLY available via connect if you had an opalis license via the SMSD/SMSE license grant. i later found the actual SP1 and script links.

besides that, i wasn't near my computer when i RT'd those links so i had no way to get them to you. learn how to twitter search! :P

Marnix Wolf said...

:) Wow! Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, mail, snail mail, sms, mms. How much can a person do?