Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Opalis: RTFM…

As with everything else, RTFM is a MUST. Otherwise the related product will manage you instead the other way round. Which is not good.

But where to find all the needed information about Opalis? The Opalis website hosted by Microsoft contains some documentation about it.

However, this documentation is written in telegram style. Many of the details aren’t to be found there. It gives one a good and solid introduction to Opalis. What about the requirements for Opalis Integration Server? How to create a workflow? How to use an Integration Pack? Just a few questions which need some answering.

The documentation containing all the answers (and more!) is not to be found on the earlier mentioned website. Which is understandable.


The Opalis Integration Server installation package (Opalis Integration Server 6.22_6.2.2.5229.zip) contains all you want to know about Opalis. All the details are covered in four comprehensive guides.

So why publish it twice?

Just download the trial package, unzip it and you will find in the folder containing the unzipped files many new folders. One folder is named Documentation. And as the name states, that folder contains all you need/want to know about Opalis.

Some explanation:

  • The yellow highlighted PDF is all about the components and the installation/configuration and requirements per component.
  • The red highlighted PDF is all about creating workflows, activating Integration Packs and the lot.

The other two remaining guides are also important but can be read in the second stage where Opalis is installed and functional. The first two guides are a must to be read prior to installing and configuring Opalis.

Really RTFM is the magic word here. Seriously!


Lcie said...

the documents have been removed, are you able to post it in your Dropbox?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Lcie,

sorry for the late answer. I have been on a holiday. Check these documents out on my DropBox: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7385230/Documentation.zip