Thursday, July 9, 2015

Holiday – Vacance – Urlaub – Vakantie – Semester – праздник - Maintenance Mode

For the next three weeks this blog will be silent since I’ll be on holiday doing anything but Azure & System Center stuff.

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and your comments. After my holiday I’ll be back with more news/updates/postings all about Azure & System Center.

For any one going on holiday as well: Enjoy yourself and have a good time. Until next time.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

FREE MP Authoring University Presented By The SCOM Top Dogs!!!

Wow! This is just AWESOME!

Silect Software & Infront Consulting Group are partnering in order to provide a FREE virtual MP University on August 12th, all about MP authoring!

And not just that, but it will be presented by the SCOM Top Dogs Kevin Holman and Brian Wren. And they will be accompanied by Silect Software and Infront Consulting experts as well.

This means there will a WHOLE LOT of brain power & experience on MP Authoring during that session, so the title University is well deserved here.

And there is even MORE…
Taken directly from the web site: ‘…There will be a draw for a FREE LICENSE of Silect MP Studio and a training voucher for the 4 day Infront MP Authoring Course at the end of the MP University…’

Yes. Like all REALLY good things in life, it’s limited. In this case the registration is capped to 100 people. So be FAST and register.

No shows Sad smile & session ethics
Yes. It happens. One registers him/herself for an event in order to attend. But at the end for all kinds of reasons, it ends up in a ‘no-show’.

When you register and can’t attend for whatever reason, just be so polite to unregister your self so your slot can be used by some one else.

This kind of ethics will be highly appreciated by the people who organize it all. More over for an event like this which is unique and capped to 100 people.

Where do I register myself?
Just go here.

A BIG word of thanks for Silect Software & Infront Consulting Group, Kevin Holman, Brian Wren and the experts of both companies for organizing this University.

Cross Post: OpsMgrExtended PowerShell / SMA Module

Tao Yang is one busy person! And not just that, but also dedicated to the community.

This time he has released the OpsMgrExtended PowerShell / SMA Module. What it is, what it does and the WHY he built it, all (and much more) is to be found on his blog.

Thanks Tao for your contributions!

Microsoft Whitepaper ‘Enabling Hybrid Cloud Today with Microsoft Technologies’

Yesterday Microsoft released an update of the whitepaperEnabling Hybrid Cloud Today with Microsoft Technologies’.

This whitepaper is easy to read. And of course it contains some marketing mumbo jumbo, but all on a low level, so this document is still worth your time to read it.

It contains NO tech geek speech but it describes how the industry we’re all working in is evolving to the role of service provider and how Microsoft delivers the technologies and services to support that transformation.

For anyone working in IT with Microsoft based technologies this is a very interesting document to read.

Updated MPs: SQL Server 2014 & SSRS 2014, version

A few days ago Microsoft also updated the MPs for SQL Server 2014 and SSRS 2014 to version


  1. SQL Server 2014 MP;
  2. SQL Server Reporting Services 2014 (Native Mode) MP.

Test these MPs (like any other MP for that matter) before importing them into your production environment.

Cross Post: OpsMgr 2012 Data Warehouse Health Check Script

Update 01-07-2015: Tao Yang has updated this script, based on the feedback he got. The already awesome script has become even more so Smile. When you’re using the ‘old’ version it’s time to ditch it and get the ‘latest & greatest’.

Fellow MVP Tao Yang has written a TOTALLY AWESOME PowerShell script which checks the health of your SCOM 2012 Data Warehouse database and pipes the output to multiple HTML, XML and CSV files.

Tao has written this script for Squared Up since their product relies heavily on a well performing Data Warehouse. When it’s not performing as it should their product is negatively impacted.

Since Squared Up is dedicated to the community they allowed Tao Yang to share this script with the whole world for FREE through his blog.

I’ve had the honors to test drive Tao’s first scripts and I must say I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED by this awesome tool, since that’s what it is.

And for any one running a SCOM 2012 environment, this tool is simply a MUST have. A BIG word of thanks to Tao & Squared Up.

Updated MP: SQL Server (2005/2008/2012) v.

A few days ago Microsoft released an update for the SQL Server MP (2005/2008/2012), version

Changes in this MP are HUGE. Mainly on the level of dashboarding. IMHO the previous versions of the SQL Server MP already stood out when it comes down to dashboarding. But with this latest release it has been brought to a whole new level!

And not only that, there is a NEW widget available when this SQL MP is imported (SQL Server Dashboards) allowing you to build YOUR OWN fancy dashboards like the ones present in this SQL MP. An additional guide released with this MP tells you all about it, SQLServerDashboards.docx.

Some screenshots:




I don’t know about you but I LOVE it! Awesome!

MP can be downloaded from here.