Friday, December 19, 2008

SCOM Reporting, Installation issues. Posting 2, error ‘The XML page cannot be displayed’

This and the previous postings are about the most common errors one can bump into when testing SQL Reporting Services (SRS), and how to resolve these. SRS is needed to make SCOM Reporting work. So this posting - and the others to come - presume SRS is already installed AND configured.

The most common way to test SRS is to go to the website of SRS on the local server hosting the SRS services AND website. This latter is important since this server hosts the website with the SRS components.

When one tries to open the SRS website (http://localhost/reports) one can bump into this error:

There has been no ASP.NET selected for this website, or the wrong version.


  1. Open IIS Manager
  2. Open the properties for the website Reports
  3. Go to tab ASP.NET
  4. Select at ASP.NET Version version 2.0.50727
  5. Close IIS Manager
  6. Open a cmd-prompt
  7. type iisreset followed by an enter

All should be fine now.

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