Thursday, May 7, 2009

New kid in town: Ops Logix and a free cool gift: the Ping MP.

A simple pingtest with SCOM and being properly alerted when something is down, is not easily done. Yes, solutions are to be found on the internet but none of them was really a good solution. More like workarounds they were. But those days are over...

A new company which builds native Management Packs for SCOM has presented itself on MMS 2009 in Vegas. Eventhough I couldn't attend to MMS, I found a mailmessage in my mailbox about it's launch.

The same mailmessage talked about a FREE MP, the Ping Management Pack, to be found here. One only has to provide his/her name and mailaddress and soon one will receive a mailmessage containing the download link.

Today I put this MP into usage (in a SCOM testenvironment that is) and I must say it works like a charm. Not only that, it is easy to import, confgure and overall in its usage. On top of that the Alerts are good to understand and they auto-resolve themselves.

Another advantage is that bulk-import is supported as well. So when one wants to add many devices at once this can be done. I should have had this free MP months ago at another customer. There I had to add a couple of hundred networkdevices by hand, one by one at a time.

This MP really fills up a gap left by SCOM.

The site of Ops Logix talks about intelligent MPs. Well, if the other MPs they deliver are of the same level as the free Ping MP, this is certainly a company to remember.

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