Thursday, November 26, 2009

OpsMgr Agent push installation goes wrong. Error Code: 80070035

When running a Console based installation of the OpsMgr Agent this error might appear:

The Operations Manager Server cannot process the install/uninstall request for computer xxxxxxx due to failure of operating system version verification.

There is a good posting about how to troubleshoot Console based OpsMgr Agent installations, to be found here. There is also a list to be found with the needed ports and services in order for an Agent push to run successfully.

However, at a customers site I bumped into the above mentioned error. It happened on Windows Server 2008 systems where a tightened security policy is in place. This GPO had been created by running the Security Configuration Wizard so some additional tweaking was needed in order to get the Agent push to run.

All the needed ports had been opened on the firewall and the needed services had been enabled as well through a GPO. The GPO had been applied successfully. But still no luck. The earlier mentioned error appeared.

After some searching it turned out that the Security Configuration Wizard had also disabled the Server service. After enabling that service through the GPO and having applied that GPO, the Agent push went fine.

When Error Code: 80070035 appears with a Console based installation of the OpsMgr Agent and the targeted systems are Windows Server 2008 based systems which have their security hardened by using the Security Configuration Wizard, check to see whether the Server service is running as well besides the other needed services and opened ports as stated in Kevin Holman’s posting.

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