Friday, December 18, 2009

MPConvert Utility

When OpsMgr 2007 became RTM many MPs from MOM 2005 were converted to OpsMgr MPs. Also a tool (MPconvert) was available to run a conversion of a MOM 2005 MP to an OpsMgr 2007 MP yourself.

However, this tool is end of life. And not only that. Future versions of OpsMgr 2007 will not support MPs any more that rely on the backwardcompatibility library MP, since that component will be removed entirely.

So whenever you want to convert a MOM 2005 MP to OpsMgr, think twice.

Running a converted MP in OpsMgr is like using an appliance made for the Flintstones car in a modern car of today.

Even though MOM 2005 and OpsMgr come are both meant for monitoring, the approach being used is totally different, thus the MPs being used by both products are totally different as well. Converted MPs are because of that not ‘happy’ in an OpsMgr environment. Nor is OpsMgr ‘happy’ either about these MPs.

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