Thursday, January 28, 2010

KB974144, Cumulative Update 1 for SCOM R2: Error code 1603

Hmm. Learned my lesson today to double check EVERYTHING!

At a new customers site I wanted to run CU#1 for SCOM R2. Got an account with admin privileges on the RMS and within SCOM. I downloaded the CU, ran it as I do normally and selected the option Run Server Update. So far so good.

But then I got an error message during the installation of CU#1. So I opened the log and at first I couldn’t find anything amiss. So I pinged a good friend of mine who has much SCOM knowledge & experience and sent him the log. But he didn’t see anything wrong either.

The log file is big however so it was time for a very thorough search through it. And now I found this:

I checked the account I used and indeed, it had no access to the SQL instance hosting the SQL Database for SCOM R2. Then the update was ran with an account with permissions on that SQL instance and now all went well.

So whenever running CU#1 make sure the account being used has access to the SQL instance hosting the SCOM R2 Database.

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