Friday, July 23, 2010

Groups and SCOM

When Groups are created in SCOM their membership must be calculated. That is, when these are Groups which are dynamically populated. Many times one finds him/her self also creating dynamically populated Groups. These Groups are used for Notifications, scoped Views and the lot.

But these Groups – when created too enthusiastically without much planning – can create issues in any SCOM environment. When one uses too complex regular expressions it will result in a very heavy SQL load that can hang the SCOM Console…

So the OpsMgr Support Team Blog posted an article how to go about it, to be found here.

Nice thing is that Michiel Wouters wrote a posting on this topic as well and posted it on his own blog. This posting is an excellent follow up since his posting contains a PS script which helps to find the heavy Group discoveries.

Thanks Michiel!

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