Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great tool for exporting ALL RDLs and Data Sources

Based on a posting of mine about how to export RDLs I got feedback from one my readers, Sharon Abarbanel. He has made a tool which enables you to export ALL RDLs and Data Sources from you ReportServer database.

Since his comment made me curious, I downloaded the tool and tested it. Even though the interface is really basic, the tool does exactly what it promises to do. Which is AWESOME! Here are some screen dumps of the tool running in one of mine test environments:

Screen 01
Let’s enter all the required information (account and password for accessing SQL), SQL server name, Report database name and the path to where the exported files will be saved. Also one can select what to export: Reports and/or Data Sources.

Screen 02
For a while nothing seems to happen. Be patient. The tool is trying to connect to the SQL instance, ReportServer database, based on the credentials you entered.

Screen 03
Patience is needed here as well. All Reports and Data Sources are enumerated and exported.

Screen 04
The export ran fine. All RDLs and Data Sources are exported successfully.


This tool is really AWESOME. It makes it a whole lot easier to export RDLs and Data Sources. Another great tool is added to my toolbox.

All credits go to Sharon Abarbanel. Tool can be downloaded from his blog, to be found here.

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