Tuesday, December 20, 2011

OM12 RC installation: Installation of Reporting stops and shows a red cross when entering the SQL Server Instance in installation screen

Got this one from a much respected reader of my blog, John Bradshaw from Australia. Thanks for sharing John!

When installing OM12 RC Reporting one has to enter the name of the SQL Server Instance:
After that a red cross is shown and the installation stops. No error messages are shown at all.

The SQL Server Agent on the SQL Server hosting the SSRS instance isn’t running. Therefore the ‘scheduled operations cannot be created’. These scheduled operations are scripts and the lot which are part of the OM12 Reporting installation.

Start the SQL Server Agent on the SQL Server hosting the SSRS instance and the installation will run now.

Background information
For myself I haven’t seen this issue because when I install the SQL server required for SCOMR2/OM12 I always set all SQL related services to start automatically. This has saved me the above mentioned issue.
But I can imagine situations where the SQL server is already provisioned by the DBA’s. In that case ask them to set all related SQL services to start automatically.

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