Thursday, August 2, 2012

When will OM12 updates be available through Windows Update?

About more then a week ago Update Rollup 2 for OM12 was released. The installation of UR#2 is relatively easily done, compared to applying the Cumulative Updates for SCOM R2.

However, for certain SC2012 components (App Controller, Orchestrator and Virtual Machine Manager) these UR#2 updates are offered through Windows Update, which makes updating those SC2012 components way much easier:

Two examples:

  1. Orchestrator server (with the SCVMM2012 Console installed as well)

  2. SCVMM2012 server

IMHO, it would be great to see that OM12 would be updated through Windows Update as well, since the setup screen of OM12 offers this option – like other SC2012 components – as well:

When one has one or more Private Clouds in place based on SC2012 technology it would save organizations lots of time when updating their SC2012 components.

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