Thursday, September 20, 2012

New MP: SharePoint 2010 Monitoring For OM12

Yesterday Microsoft released a new MP for monitoring SharePoint 2010 with OM12. Since this is a brand new MP the version of the MP is However, this isn’t a new MP at all but a very welcome add on for OM12 environments running the SharePoint 2010 MP. First I was mistaken. In order to prevent you making the same mistake, read this posting… 

My mistake
When I took a first look at it (and didn’t read the related website in a proper manner…) I thought this wasn’t a good MP at all since the related guide only covers a mere two pages. But then again, RTFM (Read The Friendly Manual) is crucial, always…

What the new MP actually is and does…
However, the website states: ‘…This Management Pack enables operators and administrators to manage Microsoft SharePoint 2010 based on System Center 2012. It needs to be used together with SharePoint 2010 Management Pack…’

So this MP actually helps OM12 administrators to configure the SharePoint 2012 MP by adding two additional Console tasks:


So any one running OM12 and monitoring SharePoint 2010 environments with it, this MP is a welcome addition to the SharePoint 2012 MP which is already in place. The new MP can be found here.

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