Friday, November 30, 2012

Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Books

With System Center 2012 becoming more and more like one product, consisting out of many components, like OM12, VMM, SCOrch, SCSM and the lot, it’s hard to ignore the underlying platform as well.

In my line of work I see a shift taking place. Even though in real life the SC 2012 product and it’s related components might be challenging and not always working seamlessly together as the marketing machine of Microsoft wants us to believe, the foundation is good and with SP1 for SC 2012 getting better.

For a long time I tried to focus myself on some of the SC 2012 components. However, when touching VMM it’s a bit harder since the very product manages hypervisors (XenServer, VMware and Hyper-V of course).

I am a Microsoft man so soon I found myself digging through whitepapers, blogs and free e-books all about Hyper-V. And to my surprise, loving it.

No I am not aiming to become a Hyper-V specialist but I want to know the basics and how to integrate and manage it with VMM. With Windows Server 2012 Microsoft has made a huge leap with Hyper-V and brought it to a whole new level where it can really compete with VMware.

So it’s important for me to learn about Hyper-V version 3 by buying the right books. Even though there are already some out there, two of them really stand out since they’re written by people who work with it on a daily basis. So they know it, inside and out. One of these books is already available and another will be published soon.

  1. Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Cookbook
    Written by Leandro Carvalho a virtualization MVP. Book is already available in paperback and Kindle edition (a one-click Buy & Read experience!).

  2. Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Installation and Configuration Guide
    Written by Patrick Lownds, Michel Luescher, Damian Flynn AND the man who’s feared (and perhaps even hated? Glimlach) by VMware. The man who speaks his mind and LOVES Hyper-V, Aidan Finn. I am a regular visitor of his blog. His postings are fun to read since he mixes technology with his open and direct approach to it all. Resulting in a unique style of blogging.

    This book isn’t available yet but will be soon. For now in paperback format. Hopefully a Kindle edition will become available as well since I really love that format for e-books.

Any one involved with Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V version 3 should buy these books since they’ll teach you a lot and even more since these books are written by the Hyper-V mechanics themselves, standing knee deep in the grease, oil and boiler rooms of Hyper-V, the modern datacenters . No marketing bullshit crap but the real deal.

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