Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SCOM 2007 R2 Reporting Issue: Reporting Tree Not Updated Anymore & Event ID 31569

Bumped into this issue: the SCOM R2 Reporting Tree was stale: MPs which were a long time ago removed still showed the Reports and newly added MPs, containing Reports, weren’t uploaded to the SSRS instance. Time for an investigation.

The OpsMgr event log on the RMS showed many times Event ID 31569 with these details: ‘… Report deployment process failed to request management pack list from SQL RS Server. The operation will be retried.
Exception 'WebException': The request failed with HTTP status 407: Proxy Authentication Required (The ISA Server requires authorization to fulfill the request. Access to the Web Proxy filter is denied. )

It turned out there had been a change of proxy server several months ago and was enforced to all users by a GPO. Even though the SCOM 2007 R2 service accounts had internet access, the Data Warehouse WRITE account needed additional adjustments as well.

Problem Solved
I logged on to the RMS by using the Data Warehouse WRITE account for SCOM 2007 R2. Opened IE and adjusted the proxy settings so it would bypass the proxy for local addresses:

Soon afterwards the RMS logged Event ID 31568 telling it successfully deployed the Reports:

Case closed Glimlach!

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