Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cross Post (Source: Aidan Finn): Employers Are Clueless About Hiring IT Staff

Aidan Finn posted an article on his blog and I must say I agree to a full 100% with him.

On an average I am contacted about ten times per month by head hunters spamming me with all kinds of job profiles where way too many of them are simply insane. Some of the jobs they offer do sound well but those do stand out. The biggest cut of them is however of the first category.

Why? In order to answer that question I have copied and pasted a single paragraph of Aidan’s article here. When you want to read the whole posting go here.

The world still needs to learn that IT pro staff are not glorified cleaners. It’s not like we can go to college for 2 years to learn how to balance or cook the books and we’re set for the rest of our careers.

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