Monday, March 24, 2014

SCOM 2012: Please Monitor My Home Systems

As we already know SCOM allows you to monitor anything. Whether we’re talking about stock rates or the level of coffee in your machine. SCOM can do it! Now a new level of monitoring is added to SCOM, so keep on reading.

A good and well respected friend of mine is writing a whole series about how to enable SCOM to monitor your home systems like the Nest Thermostat and the Flukso Energy Meter. But there is more coming up and with every new home device being monitored he’ll post a new article on his blog.

So ladies and gentlemen, please give the stage to Dieter Wijckmans and be amazed what SCOM can do WITH some good MP authoring!

Postings so far (will update this posting accordingly when new postings come out):

  1. Monitor your home with SCOM;
  2. Series about the Nest Thermostat MP.

Awesome what Dieter is doing here and a good showcase of the capabilities of SCOM when matched with good MP authoring skills.

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