Monday, June 16, 2014

SCOM 2012x Community Must Haves – The Real Community Beasts & Efforts

For any SCOM 2012x environment there are some community efforts out there which are just awesome and add that little bit of extra which makes it far more easier to manage and/or enables deeper monitoring for a certain service/product.

Please feel free to comment with your own recommendations. I’ll update this posting accordingly. And PLEASE don’t be angry when you’re not named here. Just send in your comments and I’ll update this posting.

  1. Tao Yang
    No, he’s a  person so you can’t import him into your environment, even though SCOM would really benefit from it Smile. However, the results of his hard work and dedication to the SCOM community are really awesome and impressive. Not only because they fill up many gaps but also of the level of quality and ongoing improvements. Therefore Tao has earned my deepest respect.

    Some of his pearls:
    - The SCOM 2012 Self Maintenance MP
    - The Remote Maintenance Mode Scheduler MP
    - SCCM 2012 Clients MP

    There is far more to be found on his blog. All I can say: Go to his blog and CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF.

  2. Stefan Roth
    Former MVP, SCOM guru and PowerShell Master. He shares his insights, ideas, code and tools with the community. His blog is always packed with really good information.

    - MAST Tool. I already blogged about it. A must have for anyone using SCOM to send out Notifications.

  3. Raphael Burri
    Another Master of SCOM! Switzerland makes more besides watches and chocolate. Also HIGH quality MPs and this one comes for FREE! And yes, I am talking about the

    - PKI Verification MP.
    Recently updated (totally rewritten from the ground up). My customers love this MP since it has saved them from embarrassing situations and loosing tons of money (like: website for customers down because of an expired SSL certificate).

  4. System Center Central > SCC Health Check Reports MP
    Written by Pete Zerger and Oskar Landman, two other SCOM Heroes. Even though the SCC Health Check Reports MP isn’t updated for a very long time, it works great with SCOM 2012x, up to R2! And it gives you a deep insight in SCOM itself and its health.

I know. There’s more. But my intention with this posting is to start a process where YOU (the reader of this blog) adds his/her comments, all about other great tooling, scripts and so on to be used in SCOM. And again, I’ll update this posting accordingly.

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