Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cross Post: MP Sync Between MGs With PS

I guess many of us have faced the challenge how to synchronize MPs between different Management Groups, like testing and production. Yes, the manual approach is doable when it’s a one time process. But how about it when it needs to be done on regular intervals?

Is Orchestrator the way to go? Is the time required to build such a workflow to be justified? Because it will be much more than just a simple export > import job. One needs to reconsider many different aspects.

Gladly, my highly respected friend and fellow MVP Cameron Fuller has written an excellent posting about this topic WITH the solution for it, based on PS.

For everyone running more than ONE MG, I highly recommend this posting. It contains tons of solid information and a good solution as well. Awesome!

All credits go to Cameron Fuller for sharing these awesome PS scripts. Thanks man! Sharing = Caring!

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