Monday, February 9, 2015

AOI: Upcoming URL Change For Connected SCOM 2012 Management Groups

Very important information for users running SCOM 2012 Management Group (s) connected with Azure Operational Insights (AOI) behind proxies with specific ACL or rules to only allow traffic to specific destinations.

Taken directly from the AOI blog run by Microsoft: ‘…In order to align the way that OpsMgr and direct agent send data to the service, and as we are making preparations to have a presence in more Azure regions, we have to make a ONE-TIME change to the URLs that the management packs use to post data to AOI:

…where in the past OpsMgr would be talking to , with an upcoming deployment (possibly mid next week, we will update this post closer to the deployment as we have a more specific date) OpsMgr will instead start reporting to <yourworkspaceid> We recommend you update your firewall/proxy’s ACLs/rules to allow traffic to the new destination * or your data would start either queuing up on OpsMgr and/or eventually being dropped if the new destination can’t be reached…’

For everyone using AOI I strongly advise to read this posting for more details, including an unsealed MP containing Overrides in order to buy yourself more time reconfiguring your proxies/firewalls.

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