Monday, March 2, 2015

Hey SCOM! Why Are The Display Names Of My Monitored Network Devices IP Addresses?!

SCOM monitors a certain set of network devices. But instead of showing display names they also show IP addresses which makes it hard to differentiate between those devices.

DNS registrations aren’t as they should be. Besides the regular host records (A-records), for solving FQDN’s to IP addresses, there also needs to be a Pointer record, enabling reverse lookup, for solving IP addresses to FQDN’s.

When both are in place for ALL monitored network devices, SCOM will show the FQDN’s as display names instead of the IP addresses.

When SCOM monitors a network device, the entries like Display Name are static. So only solving the DNS issues won’t do it. Besides fixing DNS – and making sure all is okay – one needs to remove all monitored network devices and rediscover them.

Now the monitored network devices will get proper display names.

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