Thursday, July 28, 2016

WAP Is About To Fade Away. Long Live MAS (Microsoft Azure Stack)

On the website of Windows IT Pro I found a very interesting posting written by a man who I highly respect for his knowlegde AND sources of information he has access to, named Rod Trent.

This posting is titled ‘Microsoft’s Azure Stack Delayed to Allow Partners Time to Certify Hardware’ and tells exactly why the release of MAS is delayed.

The same posting also contains information about the ‘future’ of WAP, or better, the lack of it. On itself not a surprise, but still something to reckon with:
(Screenshot taken from the same webpage of the mentioned article.)

Want to know more? Go here, and read the whole article.

Credits and ownership
All credits go to Windows IT Pro, who also owns the mentioned article. All I am trying to do is to point the readers of this blog to this article which contains good information, that’s all.

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