Wednesday, September 21, 2016

PowerShell: SCOM Health Check HTML Report v2.3

Some background information & how version 2.1 came to be
Almost a year back I posted a PS script for the SCOM Health Check Report. And NO, that script wasn’t made by me, but by Jason Rydstrand for SCOM 2007x. Later on fellow MVP Scott Moss rewrote that PS script for SCOM 2012x. Back then I added some additional information to that Report and shared that with the community.

Version 2.3
From that moment on I used that Report on many occasions, adding/modifying the PS code as I got along. Many of these modifications came to be based on customer feedback. Also I fixed some issues and modified the formatting in the Report for improved reading. An overview of the most important modifications I made:

  • Added GW Server Primary & Failover MS server information;
  • Added warning when no Failover MS server for GW server is detected;
  • Added Generic Alerts Overview section;
  • Fixed issue where Unhealthy SCOM Agents table didn't show in report;
  • Fixed issue where SCOM Agents in Maintenance Mode table didn't show in report;
  • Fixed issue where SCOM Agents in Maintenance Mode table missed Maintenance Mode Comments;
  • Added report section with SCOM license information;
  • Added detection and warning when only one SCOM MS server is present;
  • Modified report formatting for improved reading experience.

How to use it
That’s pretty easy. Best way to do is to run it from any SCOM Management Server. Otherwise from a system where the SCOM 2012x Console is installed. In the latter situation please ‘activate’ and modify lines 45 & 46.

Also adjust the customer/company name in line 65. This will personalize the report for your usage.

Some screenshots of the Report
Here are some examples of the SCOM Health Check Report v2.3.

Don’t forget to modify line 65 as mentioned earlier, otherwise the report has this default company name:

Say hello to the new formatting which improves the overall reading experience:


Some new sections:

SCOM GW server section:

Same section, in another SCOM MG with multiple GWs, configured in failover mode:

Now with one GW server not configured for failover:

Where to get it?
I’ve uploaded it to TechNet Gallery, to be found here.

As stated earlier, the basis of this PS script isn’t written by me. Instead Jason Rydstrand wrote the PS script for SCOM 2007 and Scott Moss rewrote it for SCOM 2012x. I just added some additional stuff, that’s all. So all credits go to Jason Rydstrand and Scott Moss.

When you think you can add some use full code as well, feel free to do so. Contact me and I will update this posting accordingly.

Sharing is Caring!


Unknown said...

I've been following this post since a while and wanted to thank you for your excellent work.
I may just ask you wither you have any "Audit SCOM Infrastructure Guide" or any kind of documentation related to auditing scom infra itself.

Many thanks for your help.

OnkelHolle said...

great work. Maybe for a future release you could add Unix/Linux agent support?
Regards, Holger