Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Free eBook: Inside Microsoft Azure IaaS

A few days ago a few people released a FREE ebook, titled ‘Inside Microsoft Azure IaaS’. In total four people have written this book. Two of them I know quite well and respect them highly for their knowledge, experience and insights.

These two are Pete Zerger and Anders Bengtsson. The other two (Ryan Irujo and Janaka Rangama) I don’t know but simply because Pete and Anders work with them, they have to be good as well Smile.

Even though Azure isn’t just IaaS, it’s an aspect which doesn’t get that much attention. Many companies use it on a daily basis. This ebook covers IaaS in great detail, with many examples and scripts. As the authors themselves describe the book: ‘…a hands-on guide to utilizing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) resources in Azure, with a primary focus on Azure Virtual Machines. Additional content covered in the book includes Azure PowerShell, Azure Virtual Networking, Azure Storage, Connecting Azure to your Datacenter, Migration, and Backup & Disaster Recovery…’

Therefore I highly advice this book for any IT Pro working with Azure or about to work with Azure IaaS. And again, this ebook is available for FREE from TechNet Gallery.

A BIG thanks for Pete Zerger, Anders Bengtsson, Ryan Irujo and Janaka Rangama for writing this book. Awesome!

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