Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cross Post: Exchange Server 2013 Extension MP

Volkan Coskun has written an extension MP for Exchange Server 2013. This MP discovers individual Mailbox databases (stand alone  or DAG)  and Transport Queues on Exchange servers.

This MP also contains a few Monitors:

  • Check Database Mount Status: Checks if DB is mounted or not
  • Mailbox Database LastAnyBackup Check: This is  a modified version of 2010 MP. In my script  I check both incremental and full backup and if any backup exist in configured period monitor is healthy.
  • Active Preference Check: This monitor will check if database is mounted on Active Preference 1  if database failovers to any other node  monitor will become warning.

The same MP contains 7 performance collection Rules:

  • Database size
  • Database Whitespace
  • Number of Mailboxes in Database
  • Local Mail Flow latency  ( Test-Mailflow )
  • Login Latency  (Uses Test-MAPIConnectivity)
  • Last full  backup age
  • Last incremental backup age

Haven’t tested this MP myself yet, but it looks promising. Of course, as it goes with ANY new MP: TEST it first before rolling it out in production.

Go here for more information about this MP.

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