Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Azure Tip: How To Restore The Portal To Default

Bumped into this situation myself: I modified the ‘default’ Azure portal dashboard a little bit too much…

So I wanted to go back to the default layout. Took me some time to locate this option. When found I experienced a ‘duh’ moment. In order to save you the same embarrassment I decided to share this tip.

  1. When requiring to set the Azure portal default dashboard back to it’s original settings go to Portal Settings;
  2. Hit the button Discard modifications. You’ll be shown this screen:
  3. Select Yes. The Azure portal will freeze now for a couple of seconds;
  4. After the temporary freeze, the Azure portal will ‘restart’ like it’s the first time, including the Welcome screen:
  5. Select the option you prefer and presto, the Azure portal default dashboard is back to it’s original layout.

Good to know when restoring default settings:

  • Your custom made OTHER dashboards won’t be affected. So they are retained;
  • The previously chosen theme will also be retained.

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