Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moving the SCOM database to another server

Sometimes one bumps into a situation where one has to move the SCOM database to another SQL-server. On itself it is not a big issue. When one follows these guidelines, there is nothing amiss.

However, there is one small pitfall. It seems that the Masterdatabase on the orginal SQL-server has been changed during the installation of SCOM. The application eventlog of the new SQL-server will display this event:
Event Type: Error
Event Category: (2)
Event ID: 18054
Error 7779800008, severity 16, state 1 was raised, but no message with that error number was found in sys.messages. If error is larger than 50000, make sure the user-defined message is added using sp_addmessage.
Matt Goedtel has posted an article about it how to solve it. One must run a sql-script on the new SQL-server and all is well again.

Look here for the article and the sql-script

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