Sunday, February 22, 2009

SRS Server Validation Error

When one wants to install the Reportingfunctionality of SCOM this error pops up:
SRS Server Validation Error
Setup was unable to validate SQL Reporting Services
Please use the Reporting Services Configuration tool which is installed with SQL Server to validate your SQL Reporting Services configuration.
The account of the Web Service Identity of SRS doesn't match with the account being used in SCOM.

Of course running the Reporting Services Configuration tool is the first step in the process of making it all work.

But sometimes this will not suffice. Therefore Microsoft has included a special tool on the installationmedia of SCOM. it is located in the folder 'SupportTools' and named ResetSRS.exe

Run it from the commandprompt with this syntax: ResetSRS.exe MSSQLSERVER.

When this is done start the Reporting Services Configuration tool again, go to the option WebService Identity and click the Apply button. This way SRS has been brought back to the state as it was before the SCOM Reporting installation was ran.

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