Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Distributed Application not monitored

27-08-2009 Update: When sealing a DA other issues come into play. As a result not all objects are displayed in the Diagram View of that DA. Check here for a workaround.

13-03-2009 Update: Microsoft has released a QFE which addresses this problem. It is KB958490 to be found here. However be VERY VERY careful deploying this hotfix. See Marius Sutara's blogposting about it. Look here.

When one creates a Distributed Application based on the blank (advanced) template there is a significant change the DA ends up in an unmonitored state.

When one looks at the diagramview of this particular DA it will show most of the child nodes without the green checkmark.

But when such a child node is clicked further open, the components of this child node do show the green checkmark. So these components are being monitored but somehow this status doesn't roll up to the child node and the top level node.

Whatever I tried nothing helped. Rebuilt it over and over again but all to no avail. Then - as a last resort - I put a child node into maintenance mode (this can be done when opens the DA in Diagram View) for 15 minutes. (More out of being tired about why it doesn't work as it is supposed to then anything else actually.)

And presto! Already during Maintenance Mode things started to change. Green checkmarks were appearing! The child node - first without the green checkmark - turned up in a monitored state and not only that, the top level node showed up in a monitored state as well. And even better, it stayed that way after the set time for Maintenance Mode was passed.

So with putting these child nodes into Maintenance Mode it looks like the DA is becoming aware of what components it is made off and starts working as it should.

I have repeated these Maintenance Mode steps for each child node being in an unmonitored state, and here this trick worked just as fine.

Since I can not imagine being the only one experiencing this problem I have posted it on my blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to try your method...but seeing as I have several hundred child objects, I'm hoping i won't have to hit every one....But yes, I am experiencing this same issue.

Anonymous said...

I just had the same problem and your method solved it. Thank you !

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Anonymous.

Thanks for your comment. :)

Best regards,
Marnix Wolf

Tero Ilenius said...

Good posting! I ran into a similar issue but it doesn't seem to be possible to fix it with just maintenance mode. For now this seems to affect exchange 2007 MP and to be exact, the objects that are being created throuh the CAS MP template.

For example "Active Sync Connectivity (<your custom text based on the exchange 2007 CAS MP template wizard)" or "OWA INTernal connectivity (<your custom text based on the exchange 2007 CAS MP template wizard)". I haven't yet gotten a trace why just these objects won't work in DA, but seemed weird that distributed application wizard doesn't let you selet objects of this type to be filtered for application component, but you can select the upper level and get the objects then dropped to the application component.

TO clarify, in case of activesync you can pick "Active Sync Connectivity" object type to be added to the component group, but you are not able to select "Active Sync Connectivity (<your custom text based on the exchange 2007 CAS MP template wizard)" as it says "Type cannot be selected because it is marked as non-public on the management pack defining it". This brings me forward thinking there is setting on the exchange 2007 sealed section MP that makes all the active sync connectivity objets to be created this way and _Perhaps_ leading to a situation where the health states are not inheriting upwards the tree.

Would be nice to hear if you have ideas for this!

-Tero Ilenius