Thursday, October 22, 2009

OpsMgr R2 Authoring Resource Kit

Microsoft has released yesterday the OpsMgr R2 Authoring Resource Kit.

Besides the Authoring Console it also contains eight tools to help with MP creation:

  1. Management Pack Best Practice Analyzer (MPBPA)
    MPBPA scans MPs for best practice compliance and provides automated resolution for numerous issues. This tool integrates with the Authoring Console.

  2. Management Pack Spell Checker (MP Spell Checker)
    MP Spell Checker checks spelling in management packs to eliminate errors in display strings.

  3. Management Pack Visio Generator (MP Visio Generator)
    MP Visio Generator allows you to generate a class inheritance and class relationship diagram using Microsoft Office Visio.

  4. Management Pack Diff (MP Diff)
    MP Diff shows the differences between two management packs.

  5. Management Pack Cookdown Analyzer (MP Cookdown Analyzer)
    MP Cookdown Analyzer identifies workflows which may break cookdown. Suggestions are provided for how to fix the performance problems.

  6. All References Add-in
    All References Add-in helps find all MP elements that reference the specific element chosen. For example, the ability to right click a class and find all rules, monitors, overrides, as well as anything else that targets that class is provided. This tool works on most MP elements.

  7. Workflow Analyzer
    The Workflow Analyzer provides the ability to statically analyze all types of workflows. It also allows users to trace workflows running on any Health Service.

  8. Workflow Simulator
    The Workflow Simulator provides the ability to test certain types of workflows such as discoveries, rules, and monitors without a Management Server and Management Group. Key functionality includes the ability to test workflows as well as view and validate output prior to signing and importing the MP into a Management Group for additional testing.

To be downloaded here.

The program has a Help file which shows the basics. However, when you want to know more about authoring MPs, check out these video’s from MP University.

Stefan Stranger also provided this link with online documentation from Microsoft TechNet.


Ashwini said...


Currently I am exploring the tools and would like to know more about the Workflow simulator.

I am trying to use the simulator for Script discovery. I am able to see the data but not able to lunch/ see the debugging.

Tool is expected to launch the debugger when I choose the option ‘Debug Scripts’ during simulator.

I have Microsoft script debugger installed on my Dev Server.

Could you please help me identifying the missing step stopping me from debugging the script during Simulation.

Thank you in advance,


Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Ashwini.

I am anything but a MP author. For good information about MP authoring visit these websites: