Thursday, October 22, 2009

Verifying SPN’s for OpsMgr on Windows 2008 servers

Since many good postings about SPN’s for OpsMgr are to be found on the internet:

I won’t repeat it here. Just check out these postings since they cover everything you need to know about OpsMgr and SPN’s.

However, when one wants to verify the SPN’s on Windows 2008 Servers, a tool is needed, like Ldifde.exe. (ADSIEdit will also work but this posting isn’t about that.) On Windows 2003 Servers this tool is to be found in the folder ‘%systemroot%\system32’. But on Windows 2008 Servers (non-dc’s), this tool isn’t to be found there.

As we all know Windows 2008 has default only the most needed components loaded. All extra’s are installed as Roles or Features. The tool Ldifde.exe is something like that. It needs to be installed. Not as a Role or a Feature, but from an elevated cmd-prompt. It is a part of RSAT-ADDS, aka Remote AD Management Tools.

  1. Start an elevated cmd-prompt

  2. Give this command: ‘ServerManagerCmd -i RSAT-ADDS’ <enter>
    The installation is about to start.

  3. The tools are installed:
    A reboot is needed.

  4. After the reboot the tool Ldifde.exe is available:

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