Friday, September 16, 2011

How To: Monitoring Websites and the choice of methods

Tim McFadden doesn’t post on a regular basis, but when he posts, it’s always a good read.

Apparently he has been busy last day since he posted in total FOUR postings all about monitoring websites. His postings contain good solid information how to achieve that in SCOM R2.

So when you want to more about:

  1. The custom URL MP by Russ Slaten;

  2. How to operate the Bulk URL Editor;

  3. How to operate the Web Application MP Template;

  4. Three ways to monitor websites with SCOM.

Just click on the links and have a good read. Thanks Tim for sharing!


John Bradshaw said...

Life saver Marnix!! Thx
John Bradshaw

Tim McFadden said...

Thanks Marnix