Friday, September 2, 2011

OM12 Beta language settings. English please!

Already heard a lot about it, but today I found it in one of the OM12 test environments.

It’s all about the language. Many non-English speaking countries run servers based on the English language. But those very same servers run on formats based on their country, like Dutch, French, German and so on.

And somehow OM12 Beta doesn’t like that at all. This is what Health Explorer shows: 

This is really BAD! And not once. No TWICE! Why?

  1. First there is the mix of English and Dutch language (Ouch!);
  2. Secondly, the used Dutch language isn’t really Dutch at all. Like running an automated online translation program. It hurts the eyes!

So I have filed a bug at Connect, to be found here.

Anyone running SCOM in a non-English country, please ADD your vote in order to give the highest ranking possible. Customers of mine running OM12 Beta already told me NOT to upgrade to OM12 RTM when this bug isn’t solved. I assured them however that Microsoft will certainly fix it since SCOM (RTM, SP1, R2) never ever had this issue. So it’s just a bug and nothing more.


Stefan Koell [MVP] said...

got my vote on this!

Trond Hindenes said...

I made the same discovery a while back. This bug is already on Connect. Look at this thread:

Trond Hindenes

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Trond.

Thanks for your comment. I know about your posting, but you also stated there the bug you filed was closed since you were told it wouldn't be fixed. Therefore I posted this article, hoping it would reopen the case and to get it solved all because it is a serious issue in non english speaking countries and for many customers of mine a showstopper not to upgrade. I see now that your bug is reopened which is good. I know for sure Microsoft will fix this before OM12 goes RTM since they really care about issues like these.


Michiel Wouters said...

I totally agree. Some time ago I also made a comment on Connect about the language problems I faced with Ops Mager 2007.

It would be great if we could just set a default console language. For this specific problem you mentioned, but also to avoid problems with overrides and display names when users are either working with english or another language.