Thursday, May 23, 2013

Free Tool: Jalasoft Xian SNMP Device Simulator v4

A couple of days Jalasoft released the fourth edition of their free tool, Xian SNMP Device Simulator v4.

I use previous versions this tool already for some years in my SCOM test labs. And it works great but now this tool even got better. Simply because this tool uses agents now for simulating a set of network devices, listed here in the console of this tool:

This Agent is easily installed and when running, connected to from the console of Xian SNMP Device Simulator v4. And even though the list of devices to simulate is limited, it enables one to create a whole set of network devices to be monitored by SCOM.

With the old versions, the whole tool had to be installed on every server when you wanted the same kind of setup. Now with the newest version this isn’t needed anymore. Simply install the agent on every server you want, install the console on one server and configure it from there within the matter of minutes.

For SCOM there is a good posting about how to make the best possible usage of this tool, written by Kevin Holman. Even though that posting is based on the older version of this tool, it’s still valid (especially the DNS entries and the associated PTR records).

Posting written by Kevin to be found here and the tool can be downloaded for FREE from here.

Many kudos to Jalasoft for sharing such a wonderful tool for FREE!

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