Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Whitepaper By Damian Flynn & Savision: Unraveling the Network with SCVMM 2012 SP1

Savision has a good tradition: offering whitepapers that really matter. No marketing mumbo jumbo but really good information about the most current technologies. These whitepapers are written by people who work with those very same technologies on a daily basis and are part of the front troops. Any new item, feature added and they’re the first to know about it and work with it as well.

All these characteristics combined makes the whitepapers offered by Savision so unique. Another thing is also good to know: these whitepapers are FREE! All you have to give is your name, company name you work for and a valid e-mail address. They won’t spam you afterwards, believe me. And no, you don’t need to donate some blood or a kidney for that matter Smile.

In the past Savision has joined forces with people like Cameron Fuller and Peter Noorderijk. Those white papers are still available for download from the website of Savision. And yes, I have written a whitepaper as well for Savision, or better for the community.

So now it’s time to introduce the latest whitepaper offered by Savision to the community. This white paper is written by Damian Flynn, MVP and working as an IT infrastructure architect with Lionbridge Technologies based in Ballina, Ireland, specialising in Microsoft Technology.

I met him at MMS and he knows his stuff inside and out! He has also written some AWESOME books all about Hyper-V and the Private Cloud based on Microsoft technologies. Those books have become my personal ‘bible’, simply because they’re just spot on!

The whitepaper Damian has written is titled: Unraveling the Network with SCVMM 2012 SP1.

As Savision states: ‘…In the whitepaper and webinars, Savision and Damian Flynn (MVP) outline the concepts, benefits and steps you need to take to embrace your own “Virtual Network”…


The whitepaper can be downloaded from here. And – like all other whitepapers offered by Savision – this whitepaper is accompanied with two webinars as well. Here you can ask your questions about the whitepaper and listen to what Damian has to say.

A big word of thanks to Savision who delivers these whitepapers to the community for FREE! Awesome!

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