Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hello Exchange Server 2010 MP. But WHERE Is The Correlation Engine?!

Had this strange issue.

The Exchange Server 2010 MP was installed and in the services snap-in for that particular account it showed up, titled Microsoft Exchange Monitoring Correlation. But when I logged on to the same server with my account and opened the same services snap-in, this service wasn’t to be found.

Logging on and off made no changes. The CE service wasn’t listed at all even though the process related to the services showed up in Task Manager. And YES, I was logged on to the proper server (triple checked it Smile).

So something else – and dumb I guessed – was at play here. Somehow the services snap-in for my account got a bit lost. As a last resort, before taking a deep dive, I tried this simple approach:

  1. Opened the services snap-in > File > Options and got this screen:
  2. Hit the button Delete Files and got this warning:
    > Yes, since it already looked like my profile was already damaged…
  3. > OK. Closed the services snap-in and opened it again. AND now the CE service was neatly shown:

So whenever you bump into similar issues, simply clear the cache of the MMC and you’ll be fine. Almost sounds like clearing the cache of the SCOM Console, doesn’t it? SmileSmileSmile

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