Saturday, October 19, 2013

SCOM 2012 Disaster Recovery: How To Crack It & Get Rid Of EventID 29120

Whenever your SCOM 2012 environment goes down the drain there is this TechNet posting helping you in order to get things running again. However there are some caveats to reckon with, one of them I already shared.

The other caveat is all about retyping the usernames AND passwords for the SCOM accounts defined in the SCOM Console as described in the same TechNet article:

I did this a THOUSAND times but was bugged by the annoying EventID 29120, Source OpsMgr Management Configuration, with this information (a part of it): ‘…OpsMgr Management Configuration Service failed to process configuration request (Xml configuration file or management pack request) due to the following exception: Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ManagementConfiguration.Interop.HealthServicePublicKeyNotRegisteredException: Padding is invalid and cannot be removed…’

It has taken me HOURS to crack it since I couldn’t find the culprit. Had the help of Kevin Holman who pointed out to me that the problem was in the accounts as found in the Console. But those accounts I already checked and the ones using certificates (binary authentication) were removed by me.

And still, this MG didn’t move at all since EventID 29120 was stopping it!

After a long search I found it: there was also a UNIX/Linux account. And when I removed that one (it wasn’t used anymore) things started to get moving again Smile.

So whenever you are recovering from a disaster with your SCOM 2012 x MG, and rebuilt yourself a new MS connecting to the old SQL databases, don’t forget those accounts, also the UNIX/Linux accounts.

Either retype ALL the credentials (USERNAME & password) or remove them like the accounts using certificates. Of course, later on you have to restore them but soon you’ll find yourself in good order!

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