Tuesday, September 2, 2014

SCOM 2012x & UX Monitoring. Greyed Out UX Agents

As it turns out, in chained Gateway Server scenario’s it’s a bit of a challenge to get things on the road when you want to monitor UX based workloads.

But finally when the UX Agents are in place AND the UX systems are in SCOM, they can stay in a greyed out status way too long. Think about days here…

Finally what fixed it for me was to recycle the Health Service folder on all the Gateway Servers involved, starting at the ones on the customers location, ending up at the Gateway Servers residing in the DMZ of the NOC.

But even when that’s not sufficient, perform the same trick on the Management Servers as well. And of course, one by one and only starting at the next one when the previous is back online and FULLY functional and operational.

How to recycle the HealthService:

  1. Start PS with admin permissions > Stop-Service HealthService;
  2. Empty the OpsMgr eventlog;
  3. Go to ~:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager\Gateway and remove the folder Health Service State;
  4. In PS: Start-Service HealthService;
  5. In PS: Get-Service HealthService. You should an output like this:
    The Status should be Running.
  6. Now wait until the server is back to monitoring the assigned workloads before moving on to the next server.

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