Monday, September 1, 2014

SCOM 2012x & UX Monitoring. Name Resolution Is The Key To Success!!!

When you want to use SCOM 2012x to monitor UX based systems, make sure name resolution is fully functional. And ALL the way. So not only from IP address to FQDN but also the reverse lookups have to be just fine.

And no, don’t use HOSTS files please. One day it’s bound to go wrong. Just create a PinPoint DNS Zone and be done with it. And while you’re at it, create the reverse lookup zone as well.

Also something not to forget is that this kind of name resolution is crucial for ALL SCOM 2012x Management Servers involved WHETHER OR NOT THEY CAN REACH THE UX SYSTEM INVOLVED!.

So even in a NOC scenario where the UX systems reside behind one more Gateway Servers and those Gateway Servers report to other Gateway Servers, rolling up to the SCOM 2012x Management Servers, those very same Management Servers must be able to resolve the names of the UX systems involved.

Otherwise it won’t fly, even when your UX systems are being properly monitored. One thing you might bump into is that the UX systems related tasks won’t run and that the related Management Pack Templates won’t run either, to great frustration.

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