Friday, January 12, 2018

Microsoft Azure Essentials

Yes, there is no way around it: Azure is here to stay. Even Microsoft’s on-premise products are being tied more and more into Azure. By this companies are enabled to get the best out of both worlds, without (too many) headaches.

However, Azure is in overdrive. New services are added on almost weekly basis where already existing ones are upgraded, renewed or extended in capabilities.

And as we all know, KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE are key factors for good adoption of new technologies and services. Without people and companies will be hesitant to embrace ‘the new world’.

Already Microsoft has launched efforts in order to address the ‘knowledge & experience’ gap related to Azure. Their latest effort is branded Microsoft Azure Essentials and gives the participants FREE access to Azure services and TRAINING!

As the website states: ‘…You've arrived at the best place to get started with Azure and learn new skills. Whatever your level of expertise, Azure Essentials can help you take it further. Choose a topic and use the curated set of demo videos, hands-on labs, and product trials to learn about and try Azure at your own pace. Azure Essentials also offers multiple learning paths, Azure certification, and support. Best of all, we'll guide you every step of the way…’

You can sign up with a Microsoft account or with your LinkedIn account. Less then a minute you’re in and ready to start your personal training.

There are three pillars/angles here:

  1. Azure Essentials: Aimed at different competences, or area’s of expertise. Select the one (or more!) most suited for your personal situation and start learning by the three steps approach: Watch, Learn & Try.

  2. Career Essentials: Here you can choose a career path, related to the Azure cloud. What is your next level? Data Scientist? IT Architect? Or Cloud IT Architect? Much to choose from, and when selected there are one or more options available, depending to the career path you’ve chosen: Explore, Learn & Do.

  3. Webinars: Watch until you drop Smile. This allows you for a more in-depth dive of the Azure services/technologies you’re interested in.

This new website is a great effort by Microsoft, enabling you to start your own Azure training today. From here you can decide for yourself what to learn, how and when. Don’t be surprised though when additional training and certification, outside the boundaries of this new effort, is required.

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