Thursday, February 1, 2018

Where Is SCOM 1801 (or SCOM 1711 RTM)?

Okay. It’s just the 1st of February, so we still have some time ‘left’. None the less, I hoped that SCOM 1801 (or SCOM 1711 RTM), successor of SCOM 2016, would become General Available in January 2018.

Already in 2017 a preview of SCOM 1711 was released, with these HUGE improvements (taken directly from this website):

  • Improved HTML console experience
    The Web console has been redesigned and is now a fully HTML-based console and no longer has a dependency on Silverlight. The monitoring tree and dashboards support the HTLM5 markup language.

  • Enhanced SDK Client performance
    We have introduced performance improvements in the Operations console that typically prevent the console from responding while a new management pack is being imported or deleted, or a configuration change to an MP is saved.

  • Updates and recommendations for third-party Management Packs
    In System Center 2016 we released the MP Updates and Recommendations feature which has been expanded now to include discovery and downloads of third-party management pack updates, based on feedback from customers.

  • Linux Kerberos support
    Operations Manager can now support Kerberos authentication wherever the WS-Management protocol is used by the management server to communicate with UNIX and Linux computers, providing greater security by no longer needing to enable basic authentication for Windows Remote Management (WinRM).

  • Service Map integration
    Service Map automatically discovers application components on Windows and Linux systems and maps the communication between services. It automatically builds a common reference map of dependencies across your servers, processes, and third-party services. Integration between Service Map and System Center Operations Manager allows you to automatically create distributed application diagrams in Operations Manager that are based on the dynamic dependency maps in Service Map.

All in all, impressive improvements. And therefore I seriously hoped to see SCOM 1801 or 1711 RTM to be released in January 2018. I do hope now that February 2018 will be the month where we’ll meet the successor of SCOM 2016.

The ‘signs’ are positive, because Microsoft’s website, all about SCOM, already contains a menu option for SCOM 1801, even though (for now?) it links to the SCOM 1711 pages:

As soon as SCOM 1801 comes out, I’ll post it on my blog. Also I’ll explore the upgrade paths and so on.

To be continued (soon I hope)….

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