Tuesday, February 27, 2018

SCOM Reporting Done Right – Join Savision’s ‘SCOM Reporting Essentials’ Webinar

The 1st of March 4 PM CET Savision organizes an online session, all about SCOM Reporting. This webinar is hosted by ‘SCOM Bob’, fellow MVP Bob Cornelissen and Savision’s Support Manager, Chris Malay.

Many tips & tricks will be shared during this webinar, so you can take your SCOM Reporting skills to the next level. Topics to be covered are:

  • Overview of the most useful types of reports for different stakeholders
  • Tips and tricks to test your reports and make sure they work all the time
  • How to avoid empty reports and other common SCOM reporting issues
  • How to automate reports and receive them via email every month

On top of it all, Savision’s FREE(!) SLA Reports Management Pack will be demonstrated.

This MP allows you to create a complete SLA overview report of all your Service Level Objectives and to analyze why SLA expectations were not met by showing a list of the most common alerts that triggered the health state change of the Service Level Objective.

In another posting I’ll write about this MP in more detail.

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