Friday, April 13, 2018

Goodbye Project Honolulu, Hello Windows Admin Center

Yes, it was about to happen, sooner or later. The highly famous Project Honolulu would stop someday and be replaced by something more official, and yet a bit boring. Meaning, Project Honolulu does have a nice ring to it, or not?

Just imagine yourself there, right on the beach. Enjoying the sun, water and drinks with your loved ones, and in the mean time, managing your company’s servers, using Project Honolulu. Nice!

But back to reality. Project Honolulu is over and replaced by Windows Admin Center. Somehow it has a different ring to it, compared to the previous name…
Image result for sysadmin

But still, it’s what it is. Nicest thing is, Windows Admin Center is available at NO EXTRA COSTS! It can be used with valid licenses of Windows Server or Windows 10, since it’s licensed under the Windows Supplemental EULA.

Which is quite awesome!

Want to know more? Go here, read, download & install it.

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