Monday, April 23, 2018

SCOM 1801: Key Facts Webinar

As stated before, SCOM 1801 is really a new improved version of SCOM 2012R2/2016. Much has changed. So in order to know what exactly, one can read some (boring?) online documentation, OR one could join a webinar.

This webinar is titled Migrating to SCOM 1801, hosted by Savision and presented by Aditya Goda, Program Manager at Microsoft, and MVP Bob Cornelissen (“SCOM-Bob”). Topics covered:

  • HTML5 Dashboards
  • Linux Monitoring Improvements
  • Migration Planning and the new “Semi-Annual Channel Release” Model
  • New Service Map Integration
  • Updates and recommendations for third-party Management Packs
  • Live Maps Integration

And besides these topics, YOU can ask your SCOM 1801 related questions as well! So join this free(!) webinar in order to learn what’s new in SCOM 1801 and how to migrate to it.

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