Thursday, July 23, 2009

Updated extended MPs by OpsManJam

Today OpsManJam has released updates to four extended MPs.

First something about OpsManJam, taken directly from their site:

“On this site you will find unofficial management packs, management pack authoring tutorials and guidance, featured articles on everything OpsManager 2007, command shell scripts, and more.”


“The content on this site comes from Microsoft Consulting Services, Microsoft IT and the Operations Manager Product team.  While the content that you will find here is not supported by Microsoft, it has been used in the field and is used everyday inside of Microsoft. Consider it to be useful tidbits from the experts.”

The updated extended MPs are:

  1. Extended Server 2003 IIS
    Microsoft Extended Windows Server Internet Information Services 2003 Management Pack.

  2. Extended Windows Server OS
    Extended Windows Server Operating System Management Pack.

  3. Extended ADMP
    Extended Windows Server Operating System Management Pack.

  4. SCCM OSD for OpsMgr 2007
    System Center Configuration Manager 2007 OS Deployment Management Pack.


Anonymous said...

Can i yue the MP with the R2 release ?

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Anonymous.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, as fas as I know these MPs are R2 compatible.

Best regards,
Marnix Wolf

rob said...

Hi Marnix,

Useful site but it's asking for a login but no information on how to register. Any suggestions?

Regards Rob.

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Rob.

tested the website in three different browsers (IE, Chrome and FireFox) and none of them ask for any credentials.

I can surf the site, click on any link and download all MPs without any hassle. And on this site I don't have any credentials.

Can you tell me when you're challenged to enter credentials? Perhaps I can repro the behaviour.