Monday, July 6, 2009

R2 upgrade experiences from Eval to full version

This weekend I upgraded one of mine OpsMgr environments from R2 Eval to R2 Full Version. This environment exists out of a RMS, MS, Gateway Server and SQL server with SQL Reporting Services (SRS) installed.
The upgrade went really fast and smooth. No snags or what so ever. Of course, I checked the Upgrade Guide only to find nothing note worthy has changed, so my former blogposting about the upgrade process is still OK.
The only funny thing during this upgrade was when I wanted to upgrade the Reportingcomponent. These screens were displayed:image
Apparently the Reportingcomponent from OpsMgr R2 Eval doesn’t differ from OpsMgr R2 Full Version. For the ‘just-in-case’ scenario I chose the Repair option.

After the upgrade I checked all OpsMgr eventlogs and found nothing not to be OK nor dysfunctional at any level. Tested the ‘home-grown’ MPs, monitors, reports and all is still working.

So the upgrade process from R2 Eval to R2 Full Version is a bit dull. :)

Of course I do know that most OpsMgr upgrade paths will be from OpsMgr SP1 to OpsMgr R2 (Full Version). But until now I haven’t run there into a snag as well, as long as one takes the time needed for the preparation for the upgrade and takes notion what Microsoft has written down into the online upgrade guide.

For the weeks to come I will upgrade multiple customer sites from OpsMgr SP1 to OpsMgr R2. When there is something noteworthy to be notified of, and the customer agrees with having it put on this blog, I’ll let you know.

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