Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Event creation for testing rules/monitors

When a monitor/rule for a certain Event has been built one would like to test it. Default the tool EventCreate can be used for it. This tool works good but has one drawback: only Events with EventID’s 1 to 1000 are allowed. But as we all know, there are way much more EventID’s around.

One could temporarily adjust the monitor/rule in order that it checks for EventID’s between 1 and 1000 but personally I do not like that. It is like rebuilding your house because the front door is stuck. In this case I would adjust the door, not the house.

Gladly there is another tool around which does the job AND doesn’t need any kind of installation. Is just a simple executable and is to be used from the cmd-prompt (elevated cmd-prompt when using W2K08) and allows all kind of syntaxes so one get’s the needed event in order to check a rule/monitor:

This tool is named pgEvent and is to be found here: It is free and contains no viruses.

Special thanks to a customer of mine who told me about this tool.

05-08-2009 Update: Stefan Stranger has made a PS script which does the same as well. Found here. Thanks Stefan for your contribution.


Unknown said...

You can also use my PowerShell Event Creator ;-)

Marnix Wolf said...

Hi Stefan.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Good idea to use PS as well. I will update my post with it.

Best regards,
Marnix Wolf