Sunday, August 16, 2009

OpsMgr R2 WebConsole won’t start after installation

Even though the installation of the Web Console is very straightforward, sometimes a hiccup might occur. Especially on  Windows 2008 server, even when all the needed IIS components for the Web Console are in place, as stated in one of Kevin Holman’s blog postings.

That posting (and many others for that matter) have been of great help. However, today in a newly built test environment I ran into this little snag. Everything was OK. OpsMgr and Reporting were in place and running as it should. So later on I decided to add the Web Console as well. First I installed the needed role and features. Rebooted the server and I ran the installation of the OpsMgr Web Console which finished successfully. But when I tried to open it I got this error: 

The Application event log showed this event:

I double checked IIS. The role and needed features were in place and showed no errors. Then I checked the web.config file, located in ~:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Web Console but nothing seemed to be wrong. Restarted IIS services, same error. Restarted the OpsMgr services, no result.

Before diving deep I decided to do an uninstall and a reinstall afterwards (without a reboot in between). And bingo, now it is working:

So apparently during the first installation there was a small hiccup.

Advise: Before diving deep (starting error logs and turn them inside out), uninstall this feature and install it again. The Web Console is easily removed and reinstalled without much hassle at all. Many times it saves one a lot of work and gives the same result: a working OpsMgr Web Console.

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